Vlogs van mijn heerlijke vakantie naar Spanje!





  1. Lekker hoor! Maar na zo’n autoreis moet je weer drie dagen bijkomen…x

    • Furrealz? That’s mavellousry good to know.

    • Daily Biz. How has Fallon fared since? It’s even worse seems to be the truth. You can’t blame one person for the failings of a whole agency (unless that person’s name is Pat Fallon) and remember there are two sides to every story. i have worked under Paul and I’d happily do it again

    • Thank you very very very much!!!!!!!I can use Ubuntu on my DELL XPS M1330! That’s fantastic!My laptop didn’t support Ubuntu before. I had submit a comment here and you advised me to try SabayonLinux. I tried it but it still didn’t work.Now I can boot my laptop by the LiveDVD. The wireless internet, sound card, video card and even inside SD card adapter are all works!I haven’t instelled it so I can’t input Chinese now. I’ll try it at once!

    • Maria Araújo disse:Estou orando a Deus pra que vc Ana, vá mais longe nesse CD Creio…pois só os propósitos de Deus pode fazer teus pés velozes como os da corça! oro por ti, mesmo estando no sertão da Bahia! Deus é contigo!

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